Financial Services

Accuracy is King

Advantu’s SQA Engineers understand the importance of accuracy and completeness when it comes to financial systems. The crunching of complicated numbers requires calculating engines to operate correctly all day, every day, and there is no room for error.

We supported a project for a national insurance company that was implementing a paperless process and ran into non-stop accuracy challenges. Because the project was 2 years behind schedule, we performed a brief gap analysis and determined that proper build delivery, quality assurance and testing procedures were lacking.

We worked with the business to narrow the scope to core functionality. We also agreed to repair only those critical defects which our test team submitted. This allowed us to rein in activities which didn’t serve the project so the team could focus on what mattered most.

Within 9 months we built, tested and delivered the originally requested core functionality, and delivered a system capable of ingesting insurance applications and producing completely accurate policies for their internal and external customers.