Your Customer deserves the benefit of our experience


Imagine having a loyal partner, completely dedicated to your success…


…someone to reveal blind spots, so you continually deliver reliable applications to your customers.

Performance Optimization

Your project is nearing completion.  It is on time and on budget.  All of the test cases have passed and you are ready for a run-for-record pass.

But now, your software quality team is reporting performance issues.  You scramble your development team, but they report that everything is performing as expected.

You are not alone.

The Advantu team is your partner in identifying system performance issues.

With over 60 years of experience and multiple performance improvement cases, we can address issues such as:

  • Unacceptably slow user experience
  • Painfully slow reports/print requests
  • Big Data issues with workload, scalability and data quality
  • Analytics processes which bog down entire networks
  • Unreliable systems which freeze or crash…at the worst possible moment

Tell us about your issues, let’s discuss your challenges – we’re confident our unique experience can deliver a solution that meets your needs.


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Outsource Implementation

You are looking at ways to reduce software development costs or increase capacity – but outsourcing is new to you, or you’ve had a bad experience.

Imagine having your own objective outsource consultant:

  • Review your program to see what projects you’re considering for outsourcing (and what to avoid)
  • Someone who can show you all the pitfalls and help you avoid costly outsourcing mistakes
  • Look over the offshore/nearshore proposals you’ve received and provide cost/time saving recommendations
  • Work with you to design, implement and execute an outsource program that’s guaranteed to succeed
  • Recommend a reputable outsource partner, who has proven success with your technology and industry
  • Follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure your outsource program’s continued success

We know you want your onsite and offshore teams collaborating effectively so they design, build and deliver products that people love – on a consistent basis. Let us help your outsource program succeed.

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Mission Critical Systems – Regulated Industries

Your customers have mission critical requirements that your suite of products provide solutions for and they require ~100% reliability.

They expect an application that’s easy to download, install, configure and use…and can be counted on to interact with all their devices seamlessly.

Your products need to operate within Government rules, guidelines and regulations in order to maintain the highest levels of safety and security – without fail.

You want software engineering talent who’s up on the latest tools, and can successfully add important features your customers need without breaking other vital functionality.

You want your software quality and test teams to focus on risk, so they can identify and expose critical issues early and often – thereby guaranteeing your customer’s happy experience with your product.

Engineering Talent Sourcing

Your team needs additional software and test engineers with unique skill sets in order to fill gaps, complement team capabilities, and contribute to your company culture.

You need real Engineers like us (who have actually done the same work) to interview and thoroughly evaluate the candidates, per your requirements and needs.

After our part is done – we will send you experienced, capable candidates that have been properly vetted for both technical and culture fit.

You shouldn’t be spending hours you don’t have…doing the work of a recruiter and going through endless resumes….in order to find qualified engineers.

That’s our job – we utilize our Engineering Experience to provide world class talent for you.