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If your mission critical projects continually release late…

… if critical defects escape to production, or system performance is unacceptable… we want to help.

Troy Molsberry, Senior Architect, PacketSled, Inc. “I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Kris and his Advantu Team, and he is absolutely correct in stating that he was able to efficiently get us the solution we needed almost immediately.”

Recall Prevention for Biotech (Medical Device) Systems

What software risks are we referring to, what is their impact, and how are they mitigated?

Risks inherent with development of medical devices, software applications and hospital systems

  • Recalls caused by inadequately tested devices and integrated systems
  • Budgets blown due to costly rework and excessive tech support issues
  • Escalating costs and consequences caused by late detection
  • Projects are hopelessly delayed when critical issues are discovered post-release
  • FDA submittals are kicked back due to insufficient (expected) feedback
  • Poor user experience due to instability and unreliable behavior
  • Slow system response time for multiple concurrent users and connected devices

Are you wrestling with seemingly endless project delays or (preventable) critical defects appearing after release?

Let us show you how recalls can be prevented, and medical device/hospital system reliability & performance can be improved.

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medical device recall prevention

Performance Optimization and Scaling

Your project is nearing completion.  It is on time and on budget.  All of the test cases have passed and you are ready for a run-for-record pass.

But now, your software quality team is reporting performance issues.  You scramble your development team, but they report that everything is performing as expected.

You are not alone.

The Advantu team is your partner in identifying system performance issues.

With over 60 years of experience and multiple performance improvement cases, we can address issues such as:

  • Unacceptably slow user experience
  • Painfully slow reports/print requests
  • Big Data issues with workload, scalability and data quality
  • Analytics processes which bog down entire networks
  • Unreliable systems which freeze or crash…at the worst possible moment

Tell us about your issues, let’s discuss your challenges – we’re confident our unique experience can deliver a solution that meets your needs.

medical device critical defect

Process Improvement – Non Regulated Industries


Your customers have mission critical requirements that your products solve and they require ~100% reliability.

They expect an application that’s easy to download, install, configure and use…and will integrate with all their systems and devices seamlessly.

Your products need to operate within financial rules, guidelines and parameters in order to maintain the highest levels of reliability and data integrity – without fail.

You want software engineering talent who’s up on the latest tools, and can successfully add important features your customers need without breaking other vital functionality. 

You want your software quality and test teams to focus on risk, so they can identify and expose critical issues early and often – thereby guaranteeing your customer’s happy experience with your product.  It’s all about process improvement for software development.


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